August 2013 Status Update

Here’s my updated debt picture as of August 1st:
Car Loan (principal) – $16,766.05
U Promise – $6,554.16
Discover – $10,130.94
MCU – $8,472.57
Slate -$5,965.80
Total: $47,909.54

Ouch! During the month of July, I took on quite a bit of extra work and got my bills paid on time. I consolidated as much of my credit card debt into 0% accounts as possible. I’m only paying interest on the UPromise account at this point, but I’ve been continuing to use that for expenses (necessary and otherwise) when I’m out of cash. There are too many payments to make so the amounts of my payment are too small to really make any headway. I have to start knocking off cards. To this point, I paid one small balance off but have been able to only pay a few dollars more than the minimum on everything else.

I tracked expenses for most of the month but ended up dropping it. I’ve given up on grocery shopping and am eating out at least once a day. I’m buying beer and wine more than occasionally. I’m driving more than I need to. I can definitely tighten this up.

On the positive side, I’ve been working more and am more focused on my finances. It’ll get better, but it’s a freakin slog.

Keep Plugging,


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