Who you calling a Sisyphus?


Well, I guess you can call me RBD. I’m a separated, middle-aged, father of three trying to survive a strange and turbulent year. I’m also trying to get myself out from under fifty-thousand dollars in credit card and new car debt.

A few years ago I really buckled down and worked my wife and I out of about forty-thousand dollars in consumer debt. I was always at work never at home, always tired never smiling, but I managed to get us up out of the pit eventually. My wife never really got on board with my crush-the-debt efforts, and she wasn’t very satisfied with the way we were living through those lean and tense times.

I learned my lesson pretty well pushing that big old rock up that steep old mountain – or at least I thought I did. And then life went and happened again.  My income dropped suddenly and my expenses rose.

I got very tired. I got depressed. I stopped caring about my finances. My wife and kids moved out. I started paying child support while trying to hold my mortgage down. I spent when I shouldn’t have and started using credit cards again. I took my eye off the ball, financially, for nearly a year.

Now, I’m using credit cards routinely to pay for food and gas by the end of the week. I have too many bills to pay and not enough money coming in. I’m in pretty deep.

 It’s time to start pushing that big-ass rock up the mountain again.

When I was working my way out of debt the last time, I kept a blog documenting my efforts. It really helped to keep me on track, and it forced me to focus almost every day on turning my finances around. I read, got ideas, and drew strength from several other debt reduction and personal finance blogs.

Some of the blogs I read are written by professional bloggers who seem to always come across as super-positive, energetic,  encouraging, eternally optimistic, etc..

That’s not me. At least not always.

Truth be told, I’m a glass half-empty type of fellow. The negative in any situation is pretty apparent to me most of the time. Either way though – half-full or half-empty – I’m treading water in an ocean of debt and I’m feeling pretty tired.

I’m writing this blog anonymously so I don’t have to censor anything, and I’m hoping it might be of use to you too.


Thanks for reading.
Keep Pluggin,


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